Streams are our Mid-Week groups that happen every other week across Cheltenham, either on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Depending on your preference, there are currently three Streams to choose from:

Core Truths Wednesdays

Answering questions like:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • How should I be living?
  • What do I need to know?
  • Who is Freedom Church?
  • What is my purpose?

Saltwinds Wednesdays

We are made in the image of the ultimate creator, and in our Saltwinds stream we'll be looking at the ways that we can activate the vision God has given us for new levels of expression and creativity in our church. We will spend the year learning about God's desire for our creative skills to be used for him, and finding ways to serve our Sunday events and social media impact using those skills. So whether you are a poet, a video editor, a TikTok genius or a song-writing novice, why not jump into this stream of people committed to using what is in their hands, and reaching people through Godly creativity.


Sisters | Daughters | Warriors

SHE is our women's ministry. Meeting once a month, primarily the last Wednesday of the month, the women in our campus gather together for SHE. The time together varies, from worship and live or video message, to special events and hospitality nights. It offers an opportunity for connection, friendship, growth and empowerment, discovering purpose and learning to thrive as women as God designed it to be. Just like our Sunday events, SHE also follows in series, honing in on a specific topic for the year.


Sons | Brothers | Warriors

Barbarians is our men's ministry. Gathering once a month, primarily the second Sunday of the month, in the evening. Barbarians is a safe space that encourages men to grow, lead and develop into all that God has called them to be. From what it means to be a son and brother, to being a father and friend. The event includes passionate worship and a live or video message following chosen theme.

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