Welcome to Freedom Church Cheltenham! We embrace all, forming a diverse, loving family. Our passion is to help people thrive through a personal, transformative relationship with Jesus. Whether young or old, believer or unsure, there's something for everyone.

We believe the gospel is alive and relevant, bringing excitement and abundant life. As followers of Jesus, we're called to grow, explore, and bear fruit by loving God and others. Community is vital to us; we're not meant to walk alone. Our pursuit is to live fully, leaving a lasting impact by having audacious faith, trusting God's character, honoring others, expressing gratitude, and reflecting Jesus to the world.

We are Freedom Church Cheltenham.



Freedom Church Cheltenham is one of many locations within the Freedom Church movement. Freedom Church is a non-denominational Church that teaches the truth of the Bible and shares the power of the gospel in relevant, accessible forms. Our vision is Connecting Anyone Anywhere, to a Life Changing Relationship with Jesus. Freedom Church is led by our Senior Pastors, Gary and Heather Snowzell and our Directional Leadership Team, with each Campus or Firestarter being led by a Campus or Location leader.

Our Pastors

Andy & Emily

Meet Andy and Em, our Campus Pastors! Andy, originally from Hull and Em, originally from Herefordshire, joined Freedom Church in 2011 and consequently relocated from the North back down South to Hereford.

They moved to Cheltenham in 2017 to plant church, living here with four children. Andy a teacher by trade is our resident expert in all things Peter Kay and Em, a former teacher, is an avid people person and knows how to make a mean Pavlova. Also known as the hospitality King and Queen, Andy and Em are passionate about building the local church, seeing it flourish as a diverse home for anyone, anywhere – where life change, friendship, faith and community is found. Andy and Em are supported by a number of leaders within the Campus who oversee different areas of the Church, from Worship and Volunteering, to Zeal and Kids.



Volunteer Coordinator

As VC, Charlie oversees all our volunteers within our Campus. From organising rotas and raising the next, to stirring passion and praying for them – this enables our volunteers to bring their first and best each Sunday and throughout the week, making church happen.



Kids Pastor

As Kids Pastor for Freedom Church Cheltenham, Lorah looks after and oversees our amazing Kids team. The Kids team aim to ensure that the kids access relevant and engaging content - based on their level and allowing them to connect to a life changing relationship with Jesus.


John and Abi

Zeal Pastors

Zeal is for the young people in our church, offering an opportunity to hang out together, talk about life, church and Jesus. Plus a cheeky bit of pizza is normally thrown into the mix too!



Worship Coordinator

Jen oversees Worship and our Worship team in Freedom Church Cheltenham. This includes organising the team, raising up new musicians and worship leaders, bringing vision, ideas and creativity, and coordinating mid-week practices and Sunday events; whilst working together with our Pastors to ensure the flow of ministry and music in our events. Being part of a global church also offers the exciting opportunity to bring in new songs and sounds from across the movement.

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